Duuba XAdES 1.0 is out!

Duuba logo with NEW splash

We’ve officially published our library for creating electronic signatures.
Duuba XAdES is an open source library that can be used for creating baseline signatures, following the ETSI specifications  TS 101 903 v1.4.1 and EN 319 132 v1.1.1.
It is super fast and can handle very large documents – so far we’ve tested it with documents of up to 1.2 GB. It took just 9.4 seconds to sign those 1.2 GB, without using ridiculous amounts of memory.

If you are looking for a XAdES library to create electronic signatures, for EESSI, eIDAS or perhaps another application, download Duuba here.
Leave us a star on the repository and let us know what you think of the library.

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